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Street Fighter 5 is all about the V-Gauge

Street Fighter is an institution, having repeatedly revolutionized the fighting game genre, and after a few years of obligatory overhauls and re-releases for SF4, it’s finally time to see what the next chapter holds. Street Fighter 5 is coming to PC and PS4, and we’ve played it extensively. Fists were broken, teeth were knocked out, and many, many fireballs were thrown to bring you the information you’re about to read.


SF5 retains the core principles of the series: one-on-one 2D fighting, with only a joystick and six attack buttons to work with. But as with any new fighting game, there’s a lot you’ll need to learn on the path to greatness. To bring you up to speed, here’s everything we know so far about Street Fighter 5, from the comfortably familiar to the excitingly fresh.


Focus Attacks are out; the V-Gauge is in

Focus Attacks are the central mechanic in Street Fighter 4: the ability to absorb a hit and unleash a devastating, inky-looking counterattack, or cancel a move to strengthen your offense or defense accordingly. Street Fighter 5 does away with Focus Attacks entirely. Instead, the focus (sorry) is all on the new V-Gauge, a small red meter just above your super bar. The length of the V-Gauge depends on your character, varying between two and three segments (from what we’ve seen so far). And managing this bar is key to victory in SF5’s fast-paced brawls.


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