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15 big predictions for Nintendo’s E3 2015 press conference


Here’s what Wii think. How about U?

Nintendo’s now-traditional Direct streams have, over the last couple of years, developed their own set of internal tropes. Certain focuses. Certain ways of revealing things. Certain ways of addressing the audience and discussing the news. That in mind, we’ve put together our big 15 predictions for Nintendo at E3 2015, so click along and see how they sync up with your expectations. And don’t forget to tune in tomorrow, for the last of our E3 prediction articles, focusing on the all important matter of third-parties.


The first wave of mobile games is revealed.

Might as well address the smartphone-shaped elephant in the room right off the bat. Nintendo has big plans for its debut into the world of mobile gaming alongside partner DeNA, with lofty goals set to the tune of more than £17 million a month. With projections like those, Nintendo needs to make a depth-charge-sized splash with the debut showcases for these games. So there’s no better time to get the attention of ‘core’ gamers than with a significant chunk of E3 announcement time dedicated to these mysterious new projects.


Limited edition Amiibos are announced, including Miyamoto, Satoru Iwata and Reggie.

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