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Razer Edge Pro Review


Handheld consoles and mobile platforms have taken massive strides in recent years, but not many people could have predicted that this advancement would lead to anywhere near the end result offered by the Razer Edge. Claiming to offer the best of three worlds, as a PC, console, and tablet, the Edge finds itself on top of the pile in many respects.

The many talents of the Edge make it hard to pinpoint as any one of the three platforms it offers. At first I felt the best way to approach it was as a gaming PC – I couldn’t ignore the pedigree of Razer and I was rewarded for my impatience. With the addition of the Gamepad controller, I took to the track in GRID 2 and it almost felt like I was holding a steering wheel rather than a tablet. The controller undeniably makes the tablet a much bulkier unit, but I would play racing games on my PC with a controller so approached this in the same manner.

Gaming on the Edge is definitely a fun experience but a lot of that is definitely aided by the Gamepad controller. Racing games such as GRID 2 are very nearly impossible to play without the peripheral, but that is just one of a few concerns. It cannot be argued that the specs of the Edge, an i7 processor, 8GB of RAM and a high end Intel graphics card, allow the tablet to run games at the higher end of technical demands. These demands aren’t matched with ease, however, as you will soon find your battery struggling to keep up. Even with the extended battery pack, I found the tablet losing charge quickly whilst gaming. This is an issue if you’re considering using the Edge solely for gaming purposes, as it soon becomes unfeasible to play it as a portable platform due to its constant need for charge.

Battery issues aside, I could have happily played on the Razer Edge for hours – it is high enough in specs to leave you unworried about performance. The display is sharp and bright, and if you don’t want to play with headphones then the speakers offer a clear and crisp audio output. The Razer Edge has gaming covered as the first half of the “gaming PC”, but I was curious to see if it could live up to the PC part of that title.

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