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The sequel to a game that doesn’t exist – how Allison Road expands on PT


When I first emailed Christian Kesler questions about his game, he had to postpone answering because of a goodbye meal at work. He had just resigned in order to make Allison Road full-time. It’s fair to say that he’s pretty confident about his project – it also happens to be his first ever video game:

“My background is actually feature film; I’ve been working in the film industry as a Matte Painter, Environment Artist and Concept Artist for quite a few years now. I have never worked on a video game before, I have to admit. However I have quite some experience in dealing with massive projects and occasionally guiding other people through the nitty gritty, so I figured how different can it possibly be?”

To be fair, he is making it look easy. In a few short work-in-progress videos and a handful of screenshots, he’s successfully convinced many that Allison Road is a potential successor to the genre-redefining PT. The doomed Hideo Kojima-Guillermo del Toro collaboration – built to introduce the feel, if not the mechanics, of a new entry in the Silent Hill series – was a direct influence, but development started because of a confluence of events.

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