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Batman: Arkham Knight Tells “A Much More Personal Story”

With Gotham under siege, Batman’s allies rally to fight alongside him. But does this mean he’s more vulnerable than he would be alone?

Rocksteady’s Batman games have evolved beyond their humble origins in Batman: Arkham Asylum. Where Batman was once confined to this single location, later games in the Arkham series have granted him greater room to glide through. In Batman: Arkham Knight, the entire city of Gotham is under siege by a united rogues gallery–so where does Arkham itself fit into the story?

“The word ‘Arkham’ has come to represent an aesthetic and a philosophy,” says Arkham Knight’s marketing director, Dax Ginn. “Our games are very ‘real’–not hyper-real, but there’s a realism about the way the characters behave. There’s a grittiness about the appearance of them. The connotations of the word ‘Arkham’ have moved away from a literal connection to Arkham Asylum. But we think about the word ‘Arkham’ as meaning more than just the geography of the place. It stands for an interpretation of gritty realism within the game world.”

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