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The best wireless gaming mouse


You may have heard that wireless gaming mice are laggy, slow, and unresponsive compared to wired gaming mice. And once upon a time, that was true. But today, you probably won’t even notice a difference between wireless and wired gaming mice without that telltale braided cable. After months of testing a range of wireless gaming mice, I discovered that most of them were responsive and lag-free, but varied wildly in build quality, comfort and battery life. The best wireless gaming mouse literally lasted for months of daily use and gaming.

The Logitech G602 isn’t just the best wireless gaming mouse—it’s one of the most comfortable gaming mice I’ve used, period. Its palm grip shape is a familiar Logitech design, and the G602 feels great in my hand: comfortable and relaxed in everyday use, but easy to grip for faster-paced gaming sessions. The thumb groove offers comfort and control, while slight concave grooves in the left and right click buttons keep my fingers situated in place. The plastic material isn’t prone to collecting finger grease or causing my hand to sweat during an intense gaming session.

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  • SergIntrovert

    I used Logitech G602 for a long time. It’s a realy nice mouse. It hasn’t any lags or defects. I choose it after this article. I like to play with with mouse in shooter. Fast reaction, and high dps helps me to make a lot of nice frags. Really recomend it to all.


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