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Blizzard talks Hearthstone’s future: “We can’t just keep adding cards forever”


Have you heard of Hearthstone? It’s quite popular in that ‘maybe an intervention is in order’ kind of way. Speaking to GamesMaster, director Eric Dodds wants it to stay like that, he just hasn’t worked out how yet.

“I want Hearthstone to be played over a long period of time – certainly over many years,” he explains. The trouble is working out how to do that. “There are a lot of questions that we’re talking about internally that need to be answered,” says Dodds. New expansions and cards might seem like an obvious way forward to most of us, but Blizzard isn’t so sure: “One of those issues does surround the adding of new cards, because we know we can’t just keep adding cards forever. It’s important to figure out solutions to that kind of thing”.

via GamesRadar

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