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Colonize the Ocean in Civilization: Beyond Earth’s First Expansion, The Rising Tide


Video games have offered us some compelling visions of the future of human habitation. Some seem idyllic, like the glistening arcologies of SimCity 2000. Others imagine a darker fate, like the makeshift subway settlements of Metro 2033. But perhaps the most intriguing have been those that look to that which covers the majority of our planet’s surface for inspiration. The underwater metropolis of Rapture captured our imaginations in BioShock, and now, Civilization: Beyond Earth is preparing to challenge our intellect by asking: “What if you could build cities on water?”

The Rising Tide is the first expansion for Beyond Earth and the first time in the long history of Civilization that water tiles will present the same opportunities as land tiles. Well, not exactly the same. As co-lead designer of Beyond Earth, David McDonough, put it during a recent phone interview, “It’s not just moving things out to the water; it’s not just blue terrain. We really changed some of the very fundamental ways in which you build cities, capture territory, develop, and grow, so that if you play at sea, you have a whole different strategic landscape.”

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