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PlayStation Plus Freebies for March Revealed

If you’re a North American subscriber to PlayStation Plus, then March of 2014 is looking like a mighty fine month for you. PlayStation 4 players will get a free game – a classic, in fact! – while PS3 gamers will get three free games. PS Vita gets a free game, too, as does PSP.

For starters, it’s official! Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition is coming to PlayStation 4. The game was accidentally leaked a couple of days ago, and is a port of developer Housemarque’s hit PS3-exclusive game, Dead Nation. Apocalypse Edition comes bundled with the Road of Devastation DLC that came to the PS3 version. There’s still no word on the PS Vita iteration of the game revealed at E3.

If you own a PlayStation 3, you’ll get last year’s popular Tomb Raider reboot for free. In addition, indie games Thomas Was Alone and Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut are also free.

Finally, if you’re gaming on PS Vita, you can look forward to a free copy of Unit 13, the criminally underappreciated third person shooter, and the swan song from former Sony-owned studio Zipper Interactive. The PSP game Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite will also be free, though it’s playable not only on PSP, but on Vita as well.

Keep in mind that, as always, these free games will be staggered across the month of March and won’t go up at the same time. Likewise, these free games will replace other currently-free games up on PSN. So make sure you download anything you want now before they’re inevitably replaced!

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