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The Legend of Zelda is Now a Massively Multiplayer Game on Twitch


Following the success of Twitch Plays Pokemon, a massively multiplayer online co-op version of The Legend of Zelda is now being played by commenters through a live Twitch stream.

Using an existing IRC chat bot script, Twitch user Zach Gerlock has programmed an emulator for the classic Zelda title which allows those on the streaming website’s chat system to enter commands including basic moves and how long each button should be held for.

“The point of this stream was as a personal challenge, as well as an evolution of the Twitch Plays concept,” writes Gerlock following accusations of stealing from the original Twitch Plays Pokemon.

“My goal was to find a game that the concept does not naturally work for, but might still be possible to complete. I knew this would require some outside intervention, at least in the form of cheats, but finding solutions to these problems is part of the fun.”


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