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Battlefield 4 Weapon-Packed Shortcut Kits Now Available

Free weapon-stuffed Shortcut Kits are now available for Battlefield 4 players as part of Player Appreciation Month, developer DICE announced today on the Battlefield blog.

Shortcut Kits bundle numerous different weapons for the base Battlefield 4 game that can be instantly unlocked without having to spend time working on level progression. These kits, which can also be used to help new players quickly catch up to their peers, will be available to download for a limited time.

Two Shortcut Kits will be available to all Battlefield 4 players, while Battlefield 4 Premium members will have access to two additional special kits. From Feb. 18 to 24, the Hand Guns kit will be available to all, while Premium members can also snag the DMR kit. Feb. 25 through March 4 will grant all players access to a Grenades kit and Premium members will get the Shotgun kit as well.

Console players can claim their Shortcut Kits by access the in-game store and going to the Shortcut Kit menu. The kits will be listed as available to download for $0. Windows PC players must log into Battlelog before accessing the Store and downloading the kits. Premium members on PC will find their special kits in the News section under the Shortcut Giveaway banner.


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