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Twitch Plays Pokemon Captivates With More than 6.5M Total Views

Twitch Plays Pokemon, the channel supporting a massively multiplayer online co-op version of the original Pokemon Red for Game Boy, surpassed more than 6.5 million views total and continues to grow.

The channel now provides a FAQ that dubs Twitch Plays Pokemon a “social experiment.” By offering commands via Twitch comments, viewers are able to fight for control over the game’s main character. Through slow and sometimes counter-intuitive cooperation, players have been able to earn four badges, capture 12 Pokemon and spot another 71. Notable events, as provided by a document tracking the game’s progress, include entering the S.S. Anne, exploring the Rock Tunnel and buying Soda Pop. Players have also released the party’s Charmeleon and Rattata into the wild, removing them from the available lineup.

According to statistics from the channel, the number of viewers continues to consistently climb. At the time of this post, more than 75,000 viewers were tuned in to watch the frantic stream of commands. The game’s total number of button presses is more than 2.5 million.


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