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Runescape Asks Players To Protect Their Pigs In Bacon Quest


Bacon makes everything better,” or so the saying goes. Jagex is hoping that it’s true of videogames, as it embarks on the boldest, porkiest adventure that has ever hit Runescape. Bacon Quest is underway.

The world of Gielinor has accidentally discovered what those of us on Earth have known for centuries: pigs are tasty. Unfortunately, they aren’t in plentiful enough supply to support the new dietary fad.

In order to bolster the population, you’ll need to armor up your pig, enlist the help of pack pigs, and send the lot of them into battle. This will toughen them up and help bolster the population. Once that happens, it’s time to get eating.

You can start in on your own bacon quest right now for free. As a reminder, Runescape is moving to HTML5 on July 22, making it even easier to play.


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