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Power Glove Documentary on the Way

Three filmmakers have announced they are working on a documentary that will chronicle the history and legacy of the ill-fated 1989 Nintendo Power Glove controller.

The film, titled The Power of Glove, will feature interviews with the controller’s original designers, as well as enthusiasts who have “refused to let the Power Glove die.”

The filmmakers–Adam Ward, Andrew Austin, and Paula Kosowski–have been working on the film for about a year now, though no release date for the movie has been announced.

The Power Glove was developed by Mattel and aimed to allow players to recreate hand movements on screen in real time, though it never gained mainstream adoption.

The controller was the focus of a scene from 1989’s The Wizard and was also mentioned on Cartoon Network’s Regular Show. Powerglove is also the name of Boston-based instrumental metal band that plays covers of video game themes.


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  • JamesB

    I still have one of these that was modified to work with freely available VR software on a PC. I might dig it out (and the the set of Virtual IO I-Glasses I also have) and see if I can get it running again and see what new things you can do with them now!


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