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Xbox One Kinect Not Compatible With PCs


Xbox One owners won’t be able to connect the console’s new Kinect sensor to their PCs, but Microsoft will be offering a separately sold model for home computers.

The website Ars Technica has received an official statement from Microsoft confirming that the Kinect 2.0 sensor for Xbox One will not work with PCs. The unit uses a specially designed, proprietary connector instead of USB. The company will not be making, as some had hoped, an adapter that allows the unit to plug into a PC’s USB port.

The company will be releasing separate Kinect hardware for Xbox that will use a USB connector. A Microsoft spokesperson told Ars Technica, “The new generation Kinect for Windows sensor will be a fully tested, licensed, and supported Kinect experience on Windows. Kinect for Xbox One is being built for and tested with the Xbox One.”


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