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Pong, Space Invaders, And Minecraft Enter Museum Exhibit


Last year the Smithsonian made headlines when it decided to run an exhibit focusing on video games, but it wasn’t the only museum with video games on display. The Museum of Modern Art in New York added 14 games to its collection, and this year it’s adding six more.

MoMA’s collection of games is intended to showcase those titles that have excelled in the field of design. In March the MoMA added 14 titled to it’s collection, including games like Pac-Man, Flow, and Portal. Now the museum will add Pong, Space Invaders, Asteroids, Tempest, Yar’s Revenge, and Minecraft (which just sold seven million copies on Xbox 360) to that list. The museum will also be housing a 1972 Magnavox Odyssey game console along with the games.


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