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Redesigned Xbox 360 Model Not Much Different Than 360 Slim


In the first few minutes of its E3 press conference on Monday, Microsoft announced that a redesigned model of the Xbox 360 is available now. Though actual details of this new 360 have been somewhat elusive, we know that the redesigned model is coming in at the same prices as the 360 Slim – $199 for 4GB, $299 for 250GB, or $299 for 4GB and Kinect. The Internet is tentatively calling this new model the Xbox 360 E.

So what exactly is the new Xbox 360?

iFixit published an “Xbox 360 E Teardown” today that took a detailed look the new console’s inner workings. They took apart the console piece by piece, analyzing each step along the way. The verdict? It’s uncannily similar to the Xbox 360 S.

The teardown found that many of the 360 E’s parts are identical to the Slim’s, including the hard drive, which is even labeled “Xbox 360 S.” Additionally, the new model’s fan is the exact one found in the S.

The outer casing for the model is different, of course, as it was redesigned to fit the modern aesthetic of the Xbox One. Most of its ports are the same, except for A/V and S/PDIF, which have been removed. The Xbox 360 E has four USB inputs as opposed to the five found on the S model.

The new Xbox 360 “will continue to roll out across all Xbox regions over the coming months.”

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