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Command & Conquer Being Developed As a Live Service


Victory Games’ Command & Conquer, built on EA and DICE’s Frostbite engine, is launching as a free-to-play game later this year through Origin. Tim Morten, development director, says that while Command & Conquer will require an internet connection, it makes for a more nimble game that can be updated far more frequently than a traditional retail product.

The benefits of a live service are pretty evident, but Morten also added that the underlying Frostbite tech powering the game offers its own unique benefits. “The toolset lets us create content in a much cleaner way than the old engine. That has real impact in terms of how the map looks, in terms of the technologies we get to use. The player-facing stuff are Direct X11 graphics – the fidelity is so much higher than what we’ve had before – and physics with dynamic destruction, where every building destroys dynamically depending on where you hit it and that does have impact because if you lose a garrisonable structure, that changes the face of the map.”


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