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PlayStation Plus Required for PS4 Online Play – E3 2013


At its E3 press briefing, Sony confirmed that PlayStation 4 will require PlayStation Plus in order to play games online. This is similar to Microsoft’s current approach to online gaming with Xbox Live Gold. At the same time, Sony also confirmed that you’ll be able to play all single-player games as well as use all media services without subscribing to PS+. Your current PS3 membership will transfer over to PS4.

Additionally, Sony confirmed some upcoming additions to the Instant Game Collection will include Don’t Starve, Outlast, Secret Ponchos, and DriveClub PS Plus Edition.


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  • TC

    No, it’s NOT like Microsoft’s online approach by any means. You DON’T have to pay so as to play your single player games , only online and if you DO pay, you get lots of benefits with your subscription like lots of free games. Where does Microsoft give you back for your mandatory on-line payment? Oh yeah—-nothing!!

    • Art

      Actually, you can play single player games on the xbox without a gold account….and xbox is now giving away 2 games per month to gold subscribers.


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