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Sony’s DC Universe Online And Planetside 2 Headed For PlayStation 4


News has filtered out of Sony’s E3 machine that the promise of free-to-play titles will be fulfilled when the PlayStation 4 launches later this year. Two very different titles will be on the system.

DC Universe Online, originally a subscription-based action MMO that has since gone free to play, will take players to familiar locales in the DC Comics universe. Players start in Gotham or Metropolis siding with either the heroes or villains. Character appearance and power customization allows for many different ways to experience the game.

Planetside 2 is a large-scale MMO shooter. The title supports multiple factions and thousands of players at once. It’s known for requiring smart tactics and teamplay, which sets it apart from many other first person experiences.

Both titles will arrive this year. Release dates haven’t been announced, and even if they had been we’d be unable to share whether they were launch titles or not. We’d need the PlayStation 4 launch date for that.


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