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Capcom Confirms DuckTales Remastered For PC


At PAX East back in March, Capcom announced that it’s working with WayForward Technologies on a remastered version of DuckTales. The 1989 NES game, based on the animated Disney show of the same name is a fan favorite, and the announcement was met with cheering and applause.

We don’t have a more specific release date than summer 2013, but Capcom confirmed today that the game will be coming to PC via Steam, Origin, Impulse, GamersGate, Green Man Gaming, and other PC services, in addition to Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii U. It comes with a retail tag of $14.99.

The new DuckTales looks dramatically better than the original version, which comes as no surprise considering WayForward Technologies has successfully remastered other classic games like Contra 4 and Double Dragon Neon in the past. Capcom has made a point to include all of the original voice actors from the show, including the actor for Scrooge who is now 94 years old.


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