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Joe Biden Sees No Legal Problem with Taxing Violent Video Games

At a gun legislation strategy meeting held at the White House recently, United States Vice President Joe Biden suggested there would be “no legal reason” why taxing violent media, including video games, would be an issue. This taxing of any kind of “violent images” could, of course, extend to film and television, as well.

The Vice President’s declaration came in response to a suggestion made by Reverend Franklin Graham, who attended the meeting alongside 19 other religious leaders. According to, attendees at the meeting said that Biden responded favourably to the Reverend’s idea, going so far as to say there would be “no restriction on the ability to do that, there’s no legal reason why they couldn’t.”


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  • Manuel Yates

    What happens when commies run the US!

  • Tony Hogan

    Lets tax stupidity – Biden should be first in line with a LARGE check!


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