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SEGA Pluto: The Console That Never Was?

If you’re into the what-if/could-be scenarios of the gaming industry, then this story is for you. On the forum Assembler Gamers, something called the SEGA Pluto has emerged.

A user named Super Magnetic claims to have been “sitting on” the information of this console for 14 years, and has pictures to prove it. While it hasn’t been verified that Super Magnetic ever worked for SEGA, or that his prototype console is real, the picture below are pretty compelling evidence. Read on!


What is the SEGA Pluto? Apparently, it’s a modified SEGA Saturn (hence the logo). In short, “it’s a Saturn with a Netlink built in,” according to Super Magnetic. Better yet, he “was told that only two of these prototypes were made – and this is #2.”


Super Magnetic reports that it’s “definitely the heaviest console” he’s ever held, and even managed to turn the console on. It works, though, as he notes, he couldn’t “even imagine how [he’d] go about testing the Netlink part of this device.” But just the fact that this thing actually exists and that SEGA may have been thinking about either redoing its failing Saturn system or releasing another one (pre-Dreamcast) is amazing.



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