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343 Asks for Feedback on Halo 4 Weapon Balancing


Halo 4 will be getting an update specifically designed to address weapon balance, and developer 343 Industries has outlined some of the ideas currently being tested.

The developer has also specifically asked for feedback on the proposed changes.

Many of the balance changes revolve around Halo 4’s ever-popular precision weapons, specifically the DMR. The studio’s current thinking is between whether to weaken the DMR or to improve the other weapons, with the team currently experimenting with the latter.

343 Industries’ current proposed changes include reducing the amount of shots it takes to kill an opponent with most weapons: the Battle Rifle will now kill in four bursts instead of five, and it will take seven shots as opposed to eight to score a kill with the Carbine.

Meanwhile, the Light Rifle reticule will now turn red at the same distance as it does for the DMR.

Moving to the close range weapons, 343 Industries is experimenting with a damage buff on the Assault Rifle, Suppressor, and Storm Rifle. To compensate for the additional damage, the efficiency of the auto-aim on these weapons has been decreased to require more accuracy from the player.

343 Industries is also looking to increase the damage on the Warthog and the Mantis vehicles.

Any current proposed balance changes are not final, says 343 Industries. “In fact, they are as far from final as they can be without being not final,” wrote Halo community manager Jessica Shea. “Please recognize this is a work-in-progress, we will clearly communicate our final plan once we know it, and until then, we’ll provide weekly updates about its current status.”


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