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Report: Microsoft to Reveal Exclusive EA Partnership During Xbox 720 Launch


With Microsoft set to unveil the next Xbox in a matter of weeks, the platform holder has reportedly signed an exclusivity deal with the world’s biggest publisher, Electronic Arts.

That’s according to CVG, which cites two separate anonymous sources claiming that EA will step on stage at Microsoft’s console unveiling to reveal the nature of the deal.

While precise details are not yet known, it’s likely that the deal will relate to exclusive – or timed-exclusive – downloadable content. Such is EA’s fondness for multiplatform releases, a next Xbox-exclusive EA game is unlikely.

During the PlayStation 4 reveal last week, major publishers including Activision, Ubisoft and Capcom joined Sony to reveal new games and, in some cases, exclusive content. EA, however, was not present.

CVG’s anonymous sources both had different theories as to the nature of the exclusive; with one suggesting it will relate to Battlefield 4, and the other suggesting that Respawn Entertainment (the new outfit from Infinity Ward co-founders Jason West and Vince Zampella) may also be involved.

However, unsurprisingly, neither EA nor Microsoft are willing to comment.


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