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Diablo III: No Cross-Play Between PlayStation and PC


Blizzard has announced that gamers who choose to play the upcoming console version of Diablo III will not be able to team up with their PC compatriots.

Community manager Vaeflare shared the news over on the Blizzard forums, before adding that the PlayStation versions of the game wouldn’t support a USB mouse and keyboard while the PC version won’t be usable with an analog controller.

He explained, “While we think cross-platform play would be awesome, there are currently no plans to allow connectivity between PlayStation Network and (this is pretty standard for most games that have PC and console support). As a result, the characters on your account and PlayStation account will also remain separate.”

“In terms of allowing an analog controller hookup for the PC, we don’t have any plans for that kind of support right now. Similarly, since Diablo III for console was designed with a controller in mind, the PlayStation version of Diablo III will not support USB mice or keyboards.”


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