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Bungie Unveils “Destiny” with New ViDoc


Bungie, true to its word has revealed the first details about it’s first post-Halo project, Destiny today. Starting with a ViDoc called ‘Pathways Out of Darkness’, there’s some grand voiceover offering up a few story basics about the Traveller and the world itself, watched over by a floating sphere, and more.

There’s also some input from a few of the Bungie devs too, mostly talking about how scary but exciting taking on something new after Halo is proving to be, with some bits of concept art and CG video sandwiched between the talking heads.

Towards the end of the Destiny ViDoc, you’ll also get to see the first glimpse of the sci-fi first-person shooter in action with a brief slice of gameplay. It’s all looking very interesting indeed. Check out the first Destiny ViDoc below.

A French retailer has listed Destiny for release on October 6th, 2013. Whether that date is actually legitimate however, remains to be seen.


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