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Microsoft Studios Employee Lists Work On Four Unannounced IPs On Resume


An employee at Microsoft Studios says that he is hard at work on four unannounced intellectual properties for the company, which makes us wonder what Microsoft has in store for the next generation.

The employee in question is Jonathan Browne, a senior product manager/planner at Microsoft Studios. His LinkedIn profile says, “I have been the primary product manager on four unannounced new IP and have been a key contributor to bringing these IP from the very early concept phase through green light to production.” Browne has worked with the SSX and Army of Two franchises, among others.

It makes the rumor mill churn with curiosity about what Microsoft has in mind for the future, and its next gen plans. Whatever Browne is working on could be for the Xbox 360, but new IPs aren’t usually introduced this late in the game. It seems Microsoft has big plans for the future, and it may mean that it isn’t planning to lean on franchises like Gears of War and Halo.


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