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Halo 4 Adding Team Doubles


Halo 4 will add a Team Doubles playlist next week with the game’s latest matchmaking update, developer 343 Industries has announced. The studio said it has been working “day and night” to prepare the 2 vs. 2 playlist, which will feature three different gametypes.

The first is Infinity Doubles, which lets players choose a custom loadout and allows for instant respawn and use of radar. Ordnances will become active at the traditional 70-point mark, but options are adjusted specifically for Team Doubles, 343 said. Games are played to 300 points.

Doubles Pro features preset game loadouts (available at the 343 website) and the score limit is the same as above. However, radar, personal ordnance, and instant respawn are toggled off.

Third, CTF Doubles is a customized version of the Capture the Flag game mode for teams of two. Custom loadouts and radar are enabled and respawn timers are set to 10 seconds. Flag locations have been tweaked, 343 said, to “provide an optimal experience for small maps and teams.” Rules of the game are: five flags to win, three-second return, and 15-second rest. In addition, gamers do not need to have their flag home to score.

A finalized map pool is still being worked on, though 343 said modified versions of Haven, Abandon, and Solace will be included, as well as some Forge-made maps.


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