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Dead Space 3 Has 11 Pieces of Day One DLC

Dead Space 3 will launch with 11 pieces of day one DLC available, offering services ranging from speeding up loot collection to new suits and weapons for Isaac.

According to Eurogamer, most of the purchasable upgrades tie into the game’s crafting system, specifically the scavenger bots that you can use to salvage weapon parts and resources scattered around the game world. It’s worth noting that these DLC bundles are separate from the micro-transactions in the game’s weapon crafting system discovered last week.

Three packs were spotted on the US PlayStation store that’ll allow you to soup-up your little helpers, each priced at $4.99. One will increase your bots’ capacity, another will strengthen its personality and the final one will speed up its loot collection. Prices for Europe and Australasia haven’t been unveiled yet.

The other packs available include new weapons and suits for Isaac, as well as those included in special editions of the game. The cost for these varies between $0.99 and $4.99, with the latter being more common. Finally, as is becoming woefully commonplace these days, an online pass will be available for $9.99 so you can play online if you haven’t bought a new copy of the game.


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