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Windows 8 and Surface Drive ‘Record Revenue’ for Microsoft


‘Tis the season for tech earnings calls, and just this afternoon Microsoft has reported on its financial figures for the second quarter. Driving the company’s “record revenue” were sales of Windows 8 and Surface. Since its launch, Windows 8 has moved 60 million licenses. Those high sales figures pushed Microsoft’s Windows Division to $5.88 billion in revenue, a 24-percent increase year-over-year.

Microsoft’s quarterly revenue came in at $21.46 billion, a slight jump over the $20.8 billion (GAAP) reported for the same period in fiscal year 2011. Adjustments for Windows 8 pre-sales and various upgrade offers brought the total for this Q2 up to just above $22 billion (non-GAAP). Operating income and diluted earnings per share dipped slightly year-over-year by 3-percent.

Despite rumors of low sales attributed to slow adoption from hardware manufacturers, or even the admonishment of a well-known games developer, Microsoft’s new OS seems to be performing just fine. According to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, the company expects further growth through upcoming software and iterations on its new tablet.


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