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FCC Calls for Gigabit Internet in All 50 States By 2015

As the international community continues to expand ultra-fast gigabit broadband internet, U.S. FCC chairman Julius Genachowski has issued a challenge to service providers to make the technology available in every state by 2015, Engadget reports.

Announced today in Washington D.C., the initiative seeks to incentivize providers to bring gigabit internet to at least one community in every state in less than 2 years with hopes of stimulating technological growth nationwide. Currently, 42 communities in 14 states offer ultra high-speed fiber connections, which offer connection rates of 1,000 Mbps or higher. Most connection speeds in populated areas currently top out at 15 Mbps.

One of the most notable areas with gigabit fiber connectivity is Kansas City, where Google launched Google Fiber — its internet and television service.

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