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CES: Lenovo Displays the Next Generation of Table Computing

PC manufacturer Lenovo lifted the lid on its new IdeaCentre Horizon at CES 2013, getting consumers one step closer to truly affordable table computing.

Microsoft’s PixelSense interactive surface computing platform (previously just known as Microsoft Surface, before the company released a tablet with the same name) has generated a lot of buzz and attention over the years thanks to its intuitive UI and emphasis on object recognition and direct interaction. But the problem has always been price. Most people agree these table computers are cool, but how many end users will pay thousands of dollars for one?

Lenovo’s Horizon solves this conundrum with its dual identity. When propped upright on its stand, the computer serves as a standard Windows 8 All-in-One computer. When users lay the 27-inch computer flat, it shifts into a custom Table PC wheel UI.

The Horizon supports ten finger multitouch, encouraging multiple users to grab, stretch and share photos, explore video content, and more all on their own corner of the screen simultaneously.

It’s a good idea – play around with table computing features by night (digital board games are a no-brainer), and use the machine as a standard Windows PC by day.


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