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Wii U Revolutionizes Social Gaming

Before the internet implodes due to a rash of comments from “hardcore” gamers outraged that a baby device for babies is being praised for its baby-rific online initiative, let’s all take a deep breath so I can explain where I’m coming from. To start, since my home is not currently located beneath a rock, I assure you that I’m fully aware that what Wii U offers in terms of an online community is a far cry from what Nintendo’s market rivals, Sony and Microsoft, have been offering for years. There’s no over-arching trophy system, no focus on voice chat or facilitating online multiplayer, no easy way to form parties or link to Facebook or pretty much anything most gamers have been trained to look for in an online service. Because of this discrepancy, Miiverse is very far from what a lot of core gamers were expecting or wanting.

Well, except this one.

Here’s where the angry comments will likely start pouring in – you see, I don’t think any of that stuff I just mentioned is a bad thing. In fact, I far prefer Nintendo’s approach to online (gasp!). Not to belittle what Sony and Microsoft have accomplished with their online profiles – that whole setup is truly something to behold, and something the majority of gamers will probably always prefer. But on the flip side, I also think it’s a very good thing that rather than mimicking its opponents, Nintendo is offering something completely different. As luck would have it, it’s just right for the type of gamer I am – and judging by the host of Miis I’ve seen enjoying Miiverse online, I’m far from alone.

See the few reasons that why Miiverse hits the spot at IGN



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