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Fox News Says Halo 4 May Keep Gamers From Voting

Never one to back away from humorously uninformed hogwash, Fox News has run anew article suggesting that young voters might skip the polls to spend time playing the newly released Xbox 360 game Halo 4.

How have they arrived at this provocative conclusion? Because they talked to some people! Um, experts! A PR guy! Some wrestler on Twitter! This is clearly cause for alarm.

The article begins by wondering about the curious coincidence that Halo 4 is being released on election day, November 6. “Microsoft insists the Halo 4 release date is a happy coincidence,” the Fox reporter writes, “but some experts wonder whether the franchise is an unwelcome distraction for both parties, especially with the Halo fanboys.”

Well, we all know that the minute “some experts” start “wondering” about things, we’d better buckle up.

First up is Mark LoCastro, described in the article as a public relations manager. His contribution: “I’m not voting this year, And if I look at the guys I game with and guess whether or not they’ll vote, [only] about three out of eight will vote.” Nice guesses, Mr. LoCastro. Have fun not voting, I guess.

The next expert is Jon Peddie, a “gaming analyst,” who says he thinks a percentage of gamers are “too cool” or “too ignorant” to be bothered to vote. He guesses that the percentage is “between 10 and 15 percent of kids of voting age”. Okay. He then whips out the single best quote of the article:

“The idiots who can’t get a date will definitely find Halo 4 more interesting than something that requires thinking,” he said. But Peddie cautioned that most younger adults are likely to make the right choice.

“The majority of young adults, especially the ones voting for the first time, will go to the polls,” Peddie told

I love this guy, mostly because even after slinging a bunch of  assertions, he still backs off in the end and says that the majority of people will vote.

The final expert is tech analyst Charles King. From the article:

While no one has hard data on whether Halo 4 gamers will influence the election, there is a logical argument that suggests Halo 4 could have some effect. Tech analyst Charles King says recent polling data suggests that younger voters are already less interested in this election cycle than they were in 2008, and that gamers might decide to buy the game and skip the vote all together.

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  • Okami

    lol, had to be fox news 😛


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