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13 Horrors of the Gaming World

There are some moments that are so terrible, maddening or disappointing they’re downright frightening. As we here at IGN well know, gamers are especially susceptible to moments like these. Probably because we’re so awesome and cool and stuff. In any case, in honor of Halloween, we’re taking a look at 13 of these blood-curdling and totally horrifying gamer moments.

Read on… if you dare.


Mysteriously Missing Save Files


You pour your heart and soul into a game, scrounging every corner of the world and completing every side quest to achieve that perfect save file… only to boot it up a few months or years later and find your save file is gone. MIA. No longer existent. Maybe it’s a glitch. Or maybe your little cousin who came to visit is a tactless toolbag. Or maybe that old game cart finally died on you (I’m looking at you, Pokémon Gold). Whatever the reason, it’s horrifyingly sucky.


Evil Battery Malfunctions


You’re in the middle of an epic boss fight, or maybe just shooting up your friends in a heated multiplayer match, when suddenly your controller randomly disconnects. WTF? Whatever, it fixes itself quickly. But then it happens again a few seconds later. Turns out your controller is dying – out of batteries or unplugged for a bit too long. Whatever the reason, you are royally screwed until you get that bad boy the juice it craves. The scariest part? Your friends will never ever believe you.


Ghostly, Game-Breaking Glitches


You’re pretty far into a long, meaty game, when things go terribly wrong. Perhaps you talked to the mystic before accepting the doppelganger quest, who the hell knows, but whatever random string of events that caused your game to freeze (or prevented the elf from giving you the tonic you need to progress) has just messed up the last few weeks of your life. Have fun starting that 400 hour RPG all over from the very beginning.

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