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The iOS 6 App Store ‘Is a Disaster’ for Developers

The App Store in Apple’s newly released iOS 6 is a disaster for developers and users, it has been claimed.

As discussed on the LightWood Games Blog for developers, Chris Newman and a number of other indies said there were a number of problems on the latest OS, particularly concerning the lack of visibility for new apps.

He explained that there was no longer a “sort by release date” option, with tabs for games searches restricted to paid, free and top grossing.

Newman questioned how small developers and studios could become successful and get noticed on the App Store given that exposure was restricted to options which largely listed the same games.

“For a small developer, this is terrible news,” said Newman.

“Although it’s only for a short period, the ‘new release’ exposure is extremely valuable. It’s our opportunity to grab people’s attention, build the initial user base and gauge the public’s reaction without needing to spend a fortune on marketing.

“The new system only gives exposure to titles that are already in the charts. How does a new app break through? There is absolutely no way of being discovered unless a user is linked to your app directly, or searches for the app by name.”

Newman also criticized how new research results were displayed, highlighting that users could previously quickly flick through five visible apps per page to find a game or app they were looking for.

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  • dmaxx

    Wish I could say I’m surprised by this. Sadly, I’m not. Glad I went Android.


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