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Modern Warfare Map Removed After Complaints From Muslim Gamers

Over the weekend, those playing Modern Warfare 2 began to notice that one of the series’ most popular multiplayer maps, Favela, had disappeared.

Why? Publishers Activision and developers Infinity Ward took the map off rotation after receiving complaints from Muslim gamers, who had discovered offensive imagery contained within a room of the stage. It’ll return after edits to the content in question have been made.

In a single room on the map, two paintings had been hung whose frames contained a decorative representation of a quote attributed to the Prophet Muhammad, which reads “Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty”. Those paintings were hung in a bathroom, one right above a toilet, and didn’t appear to be found anywhere else on the map.


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  • OFplayer

    No reason to offend any religion. Christians or Jews might feel the same way if a picture of Jesus or a Star of David appeared in a bathroom. As long as we can still shoot terrorists I’m for it.

  • Patriot

    Being that Islam is a movement and a false religion, I have no problem with this. Mohammed was a murdering, violent, pedophile and Allah is not the God in the Bible. There is no such thing as a Muslim Terrorist. Anyone who worships Allah and attends a Masjid is a terrorist, whether they know it or not.

    God/Christ= love, peace, hope, forgiveness of enemies.

    Mohammed/Allah= hatred, war, torture, killing of enemies.

  • Jason R. Medlock

    @ofplayer:disqus : the difference here is glaring, first off this is a GAME. For crying out loud! Why can’t people just get over it and stop beleiving anyone has a right to not be offended? Second, Christians and Jews are insulted EVERYDAY from our own gov’t as well as the entertainment industry….no one defends our feelings and no one complains. And lastly, islam is the enemy of the entire non muslim world, so….


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