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PS Vita Update 1.80 is Live, Brings PSone Classic Support

PlayStation Vita’s newest firmware update — 1.80 — is now live. It comes in at 102 MB in size and should prove to be a quick download over wi-fi. Of course, you could always download it even quicker by connecting your Vita to your PlayStation 3.

Update 1.80 brings with it a few fixes, but it’s most notable for “turning on” the Vita’s ability to play PSone Classics. This is great news, as there are scores and scores of PSone Classics available on the PlayStation Store.



However, it seems there’s a regional discrepancy between North America and Europe in terms of which PSone Classics are available for download on the Vita. The North American PlayStation Blog only lists nine games that will be available. The European PlayStation Blog, on the other hand, lists 129 games.

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