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VR Headset Rift Aiming to be as Big as Wii

Rift is the VR headset from Oculus that’s been a big games success on Kickstarter. It’s the gadget that id Software’s John Carmack – a discerning critic of tech – has been showing to the world with characteristic enthusiasm.

Right now, a $300 donation on KickStarter gets a game developer – or anyone else who wants one – the dev kit with Doom 3 demo. The gadget offers low latency head-tracking, a 110 x 90 degree field of view and a resolution of 640×800 per eye. IGN’s Charles Onyett tested the machine with Doom 3: BFG Edition and found it pretty darned impressive.

At some point, you’ll likely be offered a final consumer version of the VR headset. So what’s the big plan? How much will it cost? What games will we see? When will it arrive? And how big a success could this thing be?

According to Oculus founder Palmer Luckey, it could be as big as Nintendo’s Wii, the games machine that gave us motion control.

He said, “This could be Wii-sized, where it’s a completely new way of playing games that really takes it to the next level. And nobody can call it a gimmick. Video games, especially first-person shooters, have always been about, basically, simulating reality. This lets us do it in the best way possible.”

He added, “The Wii took motion control, and it was the first time that it actually worked pretty well. We’ve seen other motion control technologies before, going back to the ’80s and ’90s on our consoles, but the Wii was the point where the technology could finally do it.”

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