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New Super Mario Bros 2 Review

You know that fizzy feeling you get in your brain when you play a great Mario game? Where it feels a bit like it did the first time you ever played one, even though you’re so intimately familiar with it? New Super Mario Bros 2 gives you 80-odd levels of perfectly-pitched side-scrolling platforming with a smattering of new features, but it doesn’t give you that feeling. It’s a surprisingly conservative entry in this continually inventive franchise, and though it’s a masterclass in level design and eternally satisfying to play, it doesn’t move the series forward. When it’s as good as it was to begin with, though, it’s hard to find much else to complain about. New Super Mario Bros 2 stars the Koopalings (Bowser’s long-neglected junior minions) as villains, who crop up in predictable but nonetheless entertaining boss fights at the end of each of the game’s worlds. Coin-collecting is the ancient video game principle at the heart of the game. Those shiny little discs of gold metal are everywhere, erupting in shimmering cascades from pipes and trailing in the wake of Cheep Cheeps underwater. The new power-ups mostly revolve around turning everything into gold; a golden Flower transforms Mario into a tubby little Midas, transmuting everything around him into coins, and coin blocks can be worn on Mario’s head, leaving a trail of twinkling currency as he runs and jumps.

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