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E3 2012: Nyko Android Game Controllers Incoming

If you thought Nintendo’s Wii U GamePad and Wii U Pro were the only major controllers being unveiled at E3, then think again. Nyko and NVIDIA have announced a partnership to co-develop controllers for Android tablets with Tegra 3 quad-core processors.

PlayPad ProThe PlayPad Pro

These controllers will come in two flavors – the PlayPad Pro and the PlayPad (sounds a bit familiar, right?). Both will interface with a free app, as compared to an open SDK – like the one found in the wonderful ThinkGeek iCade. This should all but ensure widespread compatibility and give the controllers a little more bang for their buck.

The PlayPad Pro looks a bit like an OnLive and Xbox controllers’ lovechild, and features dual analog sticks, triggers, bumpers, face buttons, and a proper d-pad. On the other hand, The PlayPad is a mini controller with dual analog sliders and a tablet stand and carrying case, presumably for gaming on the go.

PlayPadThe PlayPad

We’re interested in seeing how a full-fledged console controller will interface with perhaps less-demanding games. Will we, for instance, be able to sling Angry Birds or slice fruit with the dual analaog sticks or will it be only compatible with more console-caliber games?

Nyko has also created an app, dubbed Playground, to support games with traditional input technologies – like touch mapping and keyboard mapping.

Still no word on release date or pricing, but as soon as we hear anything, we’ll relay the message.

We’ll have hands-on time with the controllers soon, so keep an eye on IGN Tech for additional information, and all things tech at E3 2012.


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