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PS4 due before next Xbox – Report

The PlayStation 4–believed to be called the Orbis–will ship before Microsoft’s next-generation console, according to a mystery source speaking to VG247.

Gamers will have a PS4 before an Xbox 720, according to the source.Gamers will have a PS4 before an Xbox 720, according to the source.

The site’s tipster said the design ambitions for the PS4 were set “at least” two years ago, and Sony is “confident” that it will release the console ahead of Microsoft’s next Xbox.

Release windows for forthcoming machines from Sony and Microsoft have yet to be announced, but a new report suggested the next PlayStation would ship as early as holiday 2013.

The site’s source also notes that Sony has clued in select partners (Ubisoft was specifically called out) about the console, and these developers are “already working on it.” This falls in line with previous scuttlebutt, which suggested certain studios were developing titles for next-gen Sony technology.

Additionally, the site has learned that parts of the PlayStation Vita’s launch hardware were altered to make sure the PS4 and PS Vita could interact in a similar way to the Wii U and its tablet controller. PS4 games will be playable using the PS Vita controller’s twin sticks and touch screen, according to the site.

As of press time, Sony had not responded to GameSpot’s request for comment.

In January, a Sony executive said the company would be last to announce its next-generation technology. Thus far, of the three major console makers–Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony–only Nintendo has taken the wraps off its new tech. The Wii U is due for a worldwide release this holiday season.

Gamers aren’t likely to learn anything official concerning the PS4 anytime soon, as Sony previously confirmed it has no plans to bring the system to this summer’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, which runs June 5-7.


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