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Rumor: Prey 2 Canceled

Rumors are abound today that Prey 2, the Human Head-developed sci-fi sequel to the 2006 shooter, has been canceled by publisher Zenimax. The rumor comes from a Dutch site, PSFocus, who reports that sources close to the project revealed the cancelation, stating that an official announcement will be made next week.

Last month, Human Head’s Brian Karis revealed in a twitter post that Zenimax pulled all Prey 2 related talks from GDC, casting the game’s future in doubt.

The original Prey also had a pretty tough development, having been pushed back for over a decade before it finally saw release on PC and Xbox 360. The sequel was to have a new intergalactic bounty hunter protagonist, a focus on exploration, and an action-RPG feel. Everything we’d heard about the game spoke to its extremely ambitious nature, but now, if the rumors are to be believed, we may never know whether or not it would live up to lofty expectations.


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