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Square Enix Action-RPG Using Unreal Engine 3

Information about a future Square Enix action RPG title that’s set to use Epic Game’s Unreal Engine 3 has emerged from Japanese gaming tome Famitsu, Andriasang has revealed.

The unnamed title, which will be neither a Dragon Quest nor a Final Fantasy game, is being overseen by Ryutaro Ichimura, producer of the critically acclaimed and commercially successful Dragon Quest VIII and its popular DS-only follow-up Dragon Quest IX.

The fundamental elements of the game are said to be in place following a two-year period during which Ichimura and his staff conducted international user surveys concerning art and gameplay direction.

The game currently has a core team of 35 staff members, to which it looks to be adding a variety of planners, programmers and designers. More details are expected once the latest issue of Famitsu hits shelves later this week.

It’s possible that the use of Epic’s famed Gears of War graphics engine points to a title aimed more squarely at the western market and if development is only just beginning in earnest it may be a game for the next generation of consoles.


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