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Halo: CE Anniversary’s Kinect Explained and Hang ’em High is Back

Following this morning’s news regarding the ATLAS app and other new Halo: Waypoint features coming to coincide with the launch of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary next month, Microsoft has also today revealed how the Kinect integration will work with Anniversary, as well as announcing the return of the classic Hang ’em High multiplayer map, which will be known as High Noon in the game.

High Noon is a densely-packed arena filled with platforms, cover and corridors ideal for team-based Slayer and Objective-driven matches for 4-12 players and rounds out a selection of seven classic fan-favourite Halo: Combat Evolved multiplayer maps included in Anniversary.

Meanwhile, Kinect will be used in single-player for analysing and scanning, as well as using voice-recognition for reloading, throwing grenades or switching between Anniversary’s remastered visuals and classic graphical style on the fly. Here’s the Kinect-integrated features in more detail:

Analyze Mode – Analyze Mode is a Kinect-exclusive feature that allows players to “scan” items of interest within the “Halo: Anniversary” campaign to populate the Library, an interactive encyclopedia of “Halo” lore. Once in Analyze mode, new articles of interest can be added to the Library by focusing the reticule on them and saying “Scan.”

The Library – The Library is an expansive index that provides detailed information on items of interest players have scanned through “Analyze Mode,” such as vehicles, characters, enemies and weapons. Through the use of gesture controls, players can explore the entire Library at any time and then return to the campaign to continue unlocking more secrets within the “Halo” universe.

Voice Commands – Harness the technology of Kinect for Xbox 360 to reload your weapon, throw grenades, switch seamlessly between Classic and Re-mastered graphics and more, using only your voice.

Halo: Combat Evolved will be coming to an Xbox 360 near you, worldwide on November 15th, 2011.


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