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Halo: CE Anniversary Video Goes Behind the Scenes

Looking at the campaign and beyond, this seven minute Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary trailer takes you behind the scenes for a look at how 343 Industries and Saber Interactive went about remaking the game that defined the original Xbox, showing some startling gameplay comparisons and detailing some of the new features you’ll find in Anniversary.

The video includes insights and anecdotes from the development team, who talk more about re-imagining the classic campaign, the co-op gameplay, recreating Master Chief’s iconic Mjolnir armour and a lot more besides. There’s also a look at the Kinect scan and analyse feature, as well as voice recognition, which should give the Kinect faithful something to look forward to.

Check out the new behind the scenes video for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary below, then look forward to returning to where Halo began, when the game launches in less than a month on November 15th, 2011 worldwide.


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