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Sonic Generations Trailer Takes a Look at the Bosses

Sonic Generations simply wouldn’t be a Sonic the Hedgehog game without bosses punctuating the end of each zone, so naturally, you’ll get to fight Dr. Robotnik AKA Eggman on numerous occasions, as well as encountering other antagonists like Metal Sonic, Silver the Hedgehog, Shadow and a host of others.

You’ll have to face off against notorious Robotnik contraptions, bouncing off their weak spots several times to destroy them, in the time-honoured fashion, and you’ll also have to battle with Sonic’s greatest rivals, as well as the nafarious Time Eater, Sonic Generations’ final boss.

You’ll find them all in this new trailer, which shows some of the boss encounters you’ll tackle in Sonic Generations when it launches on November 1st in North America and November 4th in Europe.


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